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Product Portfolio Assessment

Comprehensive analysis of our product portfolio based on sustainability criteria

Effective sustainability requires that we have as precise a picture as possible of the impact of our business activities – both positive and negative. For that reason, we have performed a systematic analysis of our product portfolio based on sustainability aspects.


The dedicated evaluation system we developed provides us with a strategic management tool for systematically evaluating and improving the sustainability performance of our product portfolio from an economic, environmental and social perspective. The system analyzes the impact and benefits of our products on the basis of criteria that we regard as relevant to our company and to society as a whole.

We applied these criteria in evaluating our entire product portfolio, with subsequent review of the results by an internal committee of experts. This process has revealed which of our products satisfy the sustainability requirements we have defined and can help us to deliver solutions for key sustainability challenges. It also shows where action is still needed. This information may be used to develop specific improvement processes or to create acceptance for certain issues in our dialogue with stakeholders.

Across the LANXESS Group, we are applying the findings of this analysis to further improve the sustainability performance of our product portfolio. Our now deeper understanding of our products’ properties may also provide important impetus for innovation. Going forward, the assessment of our product portfolio will form part of our annual strategy process. We will also work to continuously optimize the set of criteria we use.


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Sebastian Röhrig
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