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LANXESS at the VDI conference “Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2019”

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2019-03-18 | Press Releases , Company News , Trade & Technical Press

Focus on new mobility and the substitution of polyamide 66

VDI Congress | e-Powertrain team for electromobility founded | Newly developed, fatigue resistant polyamide 6 types


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LANXESS supports customers worldwide in all phases of plastic component development with its tailored HiAnt services. These include, for example, tensile tests to determine material data. Photo: LANXESS AG

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In the HiAnt fatigue screening test, Durethan BKV60PH2.0EF is partly many times more resistant to cyclical mechanical loads than the standard product with the same glass fiber content. Photo: LANXESS AG

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The team of engineers from the e-Powertrain group at LANXESS is the central point of contact for new mobility development projects. Photo: LANXESS AG

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