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LANXESS at the VDI conference “Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2016”

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2016-03-01 | Press Releases , Company News , Trade & Technical Press , Performance Polymers

Focusing on sustainable mobility

At the VDI conference “Plastics in Automotive Engineering” in Mannheim, LANXESS will showcase tailor-made high-tech thermoplastics for sustainable mobility.


2016-03-07 | Press Releases , Company News , Trade & Technical Press , Performance Polymers

Cost-efficient high-performance materials

LANXESS alternatives to polyamides with boron nitride or aluminum oxide filling / Expanding the range of thermally conductive materials


2016-03-08 | Press Releases , Company News , Trade & Technical Press , Performance Polymers

New polyamide 66 with 60 percent glass fibers

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is expanding its range of highly reinforced polyamides and polyesters for the design of extremely strong structural components.


2016-03-09 | Press Releases , Company News , Trade & Technical Press , Performance Polymers

Hydrolysis-resistant and flame-retardant

The engineering plastic polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is increasingly in demand as a material for sensors, plug connectors and housings of actuators and control units.


2016-03-09 | Press Releases , Company News , Trade & Technical Press , Performance Polymers , High Performance Materials

Excellent crash behavior in both hot and cold conditions

Tepex continuous-fiber-reinforced high-performance composites are continuing to establish themselves in automotive lightweight construction.


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Whether it’s in drive systems, lightweight design or electrical and electronic systems, material innovations from LANXESS improve the efficiency and performance of vehicles, enabling a reduction in CO2 emissions and thus making the vehicles more environmentally friendly. At the same time, these materials produce cost-effective component solutions that are suitable for large-scale series production. Photo: LANXESS AG

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The modular flange for a drive used in car interior ventilation systems is made from the mineral-reinforced polyamide 6 Durethan BTC 75 H3.0 EF. The material replaces a polyamide containing a glass fiber/mineral mix for thermal conductivity. Photo: LANXESS AG

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The high degree of functional integration also helps deliver a cost-effective component solution. For example, injection molding is used to integrate the copper contacts, fastening elements and fixings for the electronics and fan motor. Photo: LANXESS AG

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Compared to polyamide 66 with a glass fiber content of 50 percent, new Durethan AKV 60 XF, which is reinforced with 60 percent glass fibers, features much higher stiffness and improved flowability. Photo: LANXESS AG

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Car headlight connector made of Pocan B 3216 HR. The PBT grade stands for very high stability in warm, moist conditions, combined with outstanding processing properties. Photo: LANXESS AG

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The battery console of the van is produced in a DLFT process from a polypropylene compression molding compound reinforced with long glass fibers and an overlay made of Tepex dynalite. It passes the crash test including for the new tests at -30 °C and +85 °C. Photo: LANXESS AG

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The Tepex insert reinforces the front wall of the console, which may be hit by the top of the battery in an accident. The 29-kilogram battery must not break through the wall. Photo: LANXESS AG

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