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Five years of reverse osmosis membrane elements from LANXESS in Bitterfeld

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2016-08-25 | Press Releases , Company News , Trade & Technical Press , Performance Chemicals , Liquid Purification Technologies

Five years of reverse osmosis membrane elements from LANXESS in Bitterfeld

The specialty chemicals company has invested a total of 40 million euros in the site in the last five years alone. In addition to the membrane elements plant, LANXESS also operates the world’s largest ion exchange resin plant in Bitterfeld.



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Background information

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Petra Wust, major of the city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, congratulates Jean-Marc Vesselle, head of the Liquid Purification Technology business unit of LANXESS, to the fifth anniversary of the membrane production plant at the Bitterfeld site. Photo: LANXESS AG

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For 5 years specialty chemicals company LANXESS has been producing membrane filtration elements in Bitterfeld, Germany, in order to deliver ready-to-use elements for reverse osmosis purposes to customers worldwide. The building measuring around 4,000 square meters houses not only production and logistics facilities but also highly modern laboratories and offices. Photo: LANXESS AG

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Close monitoring of the coating. The membrane's active separating layer forms a thin polyamide film that separates the salt from water. Photo: LANXESS AG

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At the beginning of 2016, specialty chemicals company LANXESS launched a new, Lewabrane-brand reverse osmosis membrane element with improved performance on the market. Strands of different thickness are used for the novel, multifunctional feed spacers. These create space between the membrane surfaces for fast-flowing water, support the membrane in the process and cause turbulent water flow. The new product family is named after the alternating strand design (ASD). Photo: LANXESS AG

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The membranes are based on a three-layer composite structure that is manufactured in several production stages. Photo: LANXESS AG

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When finished, each single membrane element consists of a package with more than 20 pockets. This is assembled into a spiral wound element with a diameter of 20 centimeters and a length of one meter and then fixed. Photo: LANXESS AG

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For quality assurance purposes each individual Lewabrane product is checked in an element tester. Photo: LANXESS AG

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Ready for transport. LANXESS has been continuously expanding its line of membrane elements since production began in September 2011 and the products were introduced to the market in early 2012. Numerous types of elements are available in different sizes for treating brackish water and seawater and can be optimized to be particularly fouling-resistant or energy-efficient, or to deliver a high production output. Photo: LANXESS AG

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From Bitterfeld to the world: LANXESS supplies its RO membrane elements to the global market, which is growing by 10 percent every year. Among the important industrial applications for RO membranes are the treatment of process water for industrial applications and ultrapure water in the microelectronics sector. Lewabrane products reduce the saline and particle content in water and are frequently combined with ion exchange resins to achieve a highly efficient and productive demineralization system. Another area of application for Lewabrane is turning brackish water and seawater into drinking water. Photo: LANXESS AG

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At its site in Bitterfeld, Germany, LANXESS manufactures ion exchange resins under the proven Lewatit brand for the global market. The plant produces monodisperse resins of the latest generation (gel and macroporous types) and is the most modern and largest of its kind worldwide. An area totaling 24,000 square meters incorporates production facilities, laboratories, logistics areas and offices. Photo: LANXESS AG

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LANXESS can look back on nearly 80 years of experience in ion exchange resins with its extensive Lewatit range. All signs point to continued growth in this market too, increasing at a rate of four percent each year. Photo: LANXESS AG

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Jean-Marc Vesselle, head of the Liquid Purification Technologies business unit of specialty chemicals company LANXESS. Photo: LANXESS AG

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Petra Wust, Mayor of Bitterfeld-Wolfen. Photo: Stadt Bitterfeld-Wolfen

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