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Valuing Customer Relations

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are among our main measures of success. Our central inquiry management system provides customers with information about our products, their applications and their potential risks as well as product certificates. Critical feedback from customers gives us valuable pointers for further improving our products and processes. Based on a central CRM system and a uniform complaints management platform, each of our business units has its own complaints management process aligned to its markets and customers.


Regular customer surveys conducted by an external service provider deliver vital information about the loyalty of our customers, their expectations and how they perceive our products and services compared with those of our competitors. Over a twoyear cycle, each business unit carries out an anonymous online survey. In the 2017/2018 survey, the customer retention index was 75.4 and thus on a par with the previous year. On the basis of the results of the customer satisfaction analysis, we will take targeted measures in the business units in order to further increase customers’ satisfaction. This should be reflected in a significantly higher customer retention index in the next survey cycle.


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

Phone: +49 221 8885 1099

Fax: +49 221 8885 1769

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