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Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

Responsible behavior is the basis of sustainable development. At LANXESS, this is a basic prerequisite for all our business activities worldwide - set out in the "Code for integrity and compliance at LANXESS",  which is embodied in a value-oriented corporate culture. The code includes topics such as anti-corruption, social responsibility, safety and environmental protection, as well as other guidelines, compliance with which is regularly reviewed both internally and externally. In 2016, risk assessments on human rights were carried out in countries such as Brazil, China, Germany, South Africa and the USA. They confirmed a high level of awareness and established mechanisms to prevent injuries. In addition, the employees work together on site to develop joint actions that make principles such as respect, trust, professionalism and integrity visible in everyday life. Exhibitions, workshops, exchange events, awards ceremonies or industrial theatres are intended to anchor corporate values among employees - for sustainable development at all levels.


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