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Quality you can drink

With its Lewabrane® membrane elements, the Liquid Purification Technologies business unit offers a high-performance solution for ensuring a reliable supply of drinking and purified water.


Fresh, clean water is scarce in many regions of the world, even though 72 % of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Population growth, pollution and climate change frequently exacerbate the water shortage, especially in already disadvantaged countries. For example, people in some developing countries have to make do with just five liters of water a day, while the average European consumes 200 liters a day. The steady rise in per capita consumption is becoming problematic, particularly in regions where potable water is scarce to begin with, such as the Arabian peninsula, northern Africa, Spain and parts of the United States and Australia. It must be kept in mind that not only the population, but also farming and other industries are dependent on a reliable water supply.

Making seawater useful

 An energy-efficient solution for securing this water supply is seawater desalination by means of reverse osmosis. Lewabrane® membrane elements from LANXESS have proven effective in this application. They can be used to desalinate seawater centrally for an entire region, or locally for smaller units, such as hotel complexes. One example can be found in Lazorde Bay, west of Alexandria, Egypt. A water treatment plant there produces 900 cubic meters of drinking water each day for a hotel complex. 48 Lewabrane® reverse osmosis membrane elements turn water from the Mediterranean into drinking water.

The process is as follows: The water is forced under high pressure through a semipermeable membrane which acts as a filter, holding back specific ions. In this way, salt and other unwanted substances are removed from the water.

For people, the environment and industry

Yet reverse osmosis membrane elements from LANXESS have many more uses than just seawater desalination. They are also used, for instance, to treat municipal wastewater. In industry, they help to produce boiler feed water in power plants, or the ultra-pure water required in microchip manufacturing. Today, thousands of Lewabrane® reverse osmosis membrane elements from LANXESS are used around the world to generate clean water. “Our technology has already proven effective in a wide variety of projects in 25 countries,” says Scheffler. “In this way, we at LANXESS are helping to preserve one of the most important foundations of life on earth: clean water.


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