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LANXESS actively collaborates with various universities around the world

LANXESS considers it very important to facilitate a range of high-standard learning and research options for up-and-coming scientists and to foster their development. As part of its education initiative, the company sponsors and supports students and universities all over the world in the pursuit of economic and scientific disciplines.


Cooperation with universities and scholarships for students.


LANXESS was a contributor to the “Deutschlandstipendium” from the very beginning. This scholarship program was launched by the German government in 2011 to give financial assistance to talented and committed students. LANXESS has expanded its promotion of the scholarship program to more than 50 recipients at eight universities, five of which are in North Rhine-Westphalia. 


Another area supported in this context is the development of the Leverkusen Campus of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, where LANXESS is promoting a long-term expansion of the subject Technical Chemistry. This cooperation with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, with the City of Leverkusen and the North Rhine-Westphalian government offers a wide range of opportunities for closer cooperation in research and in the provision of support for qualified young specialists. 


Dialogue and exchange between academia and industry.


LANXESS systematically encourages contact between researchers and practitioners. Groups from universities all over the world often visit the company’s sites to get an idea of the requirements in the specialty chemicals industry. In addition, students have the chance to use LANXESS laboratories for their work. In this way, the students get a taste of research work at the highest level during their studies, while LANXESS gets to keep its finger on the pulse of academy. 


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