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High Schools

LANXESS runs workshops and laboratory days to reveal the wonder of science to young people

LANXESS started with its educational initiative in 2008 with different kinds of support for high schools at its production locations. The main task for LANXESS is to show how exciting MINT subjects – math, IT- natural sciences and technology could be. As a result, talented young scientists can be identified and supported at an early stage.


LANXESS has already supported many high schools that specialize in science at its production locations in the past years. Initially, the company partially funded the creation of new laboratory facilities, basic chemicals, technical equipment and teaching materials – mainly for chemistry but also for biology, physics and IT classes – to improve the instruction offered at schools. 


In addition to financial assistance, LANXESS organizes project weeks, workshops and laboratory days. The latter enable chemistry to be experienced in a practical way. There, students have the chance to experience with chemistry together with trained experts. The project weeks and workshops have focused on rubber as well as social megatrends including mobility, water and urbanization. 




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