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Child daycare center

“Xkids” daycare center inspires inquisitive young minds

Balancing career and family life is an important facet of corporate culture at LANXESS, and qualified childcare is particularly important for working parents. This has led LANXESS to build the “Xkids” daycare center in Leverkusen, location of its largest production site worldwide. “Xkids” is open to both employees and other parents from Leverkusen. The center is run by Kinderzentren Kunterbunt GmbH, a professional operator that specializes in company daycare facilities for children. Some 50 children aged six months to six years have been attending the center since it opened in August 2013.

The educational concept revolves around the notion of “exploring and discovering.” The children’s laboratory allows infants to explore, investigate and marvel to their hearts’ content, revealing the fun of science to them through play. Specially qualified trainers are brought in from outside to perform experiments with the children and demonstrate a wide variety of everyday phenomena in ways they can see and feel for themselves.


The motto of the LANXESS daycare center is “being a nursery for mini explorers.” The building is designed to resemble a molecular structure. In addition to the classrooms, there are four rooms for shared use, a movement room, a children’s kitchen and canteen, an arts and crafts studio for the infants and a children’s laboratory. Portholes in the corridors and access chambers between the classrooms encourage the children to set off on adventures of discovery at the center.


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