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Using water as a resource efficiently and sustainably

LANXESS has again demonstrated its extensive experience in water treatment with a host of product innovations. For instance, by developing optimized membrane elements in the Lewabrane RO ULP series and the Lewatit ion exchanger, we enable our customers to make efficient and sustainable use of the scarce resource of water. Use of the new membrane elements, which need a 40% lower operating pressure than standard elements, means that lower quantities of cleaning chemicals can be used and longer cleaning intervals can be established on a long-term basis.

Both the energy and operating costs of our customers are reduced as a result. The new Lewatit TP 107 selective ion exchanger was developed specifically for municipal drinking water treatment but also delivers key advantages in the industrial sphere, e.g. in wastewater treatment in the leather and galvanizing industries. Compared with conventional products, it has an extremely high usable capacity for trace impurities of drinking water, groundwater and wastewater. In addition, the hazardous substance chromate is removed more efficiently. The two technologies complement each other and are used successfully in tandem by our customers.


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

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