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Gentle protection against bites

Mosquitoes, ticks and similar insects can be a real nuisance. When the weather turns warm, they often spoil people’s enjoyment of the outdoors; they can also transmit the pathogens that cause dangerous diseases.


On vacation at the beach, at a party in the park, on a hike in the woods or even in your own backyard, the great outdoors is a recreational paradise for many people – unless, of course, there are too many insects around. Given the right weather, hungry mosquitoes, stable flies, ticks and horse flies can seem to be everywhere. Worse than the non-stop itching, however, is the risk of contracting malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, borreliosis or encephalitis.


Reliable protection is provided by Saltidin, an active ingredient that is manufactured by LANXESS subsidiary Saltigo in Dormagen, Germany, and used in many popular insect repellents. “Saltidin forms a film-like layer on the skin that stops mosquitoes from smelling anything,” explains Beate Tombeux, who helps Saltigo’s Saltidin customers worldwide to formulate their products. However, the insect repellent must be applied all over because only those areas of skin covered with Saltidin are actually protected against blood-thirsty insects and ticks. Tombeux knows this from her own experience: “I always test new products on myself,” she says with a grin. “I mix my own formulations in my lab.”

Saltidin offers great versatility

Over 170 different products containing various Saltidin concentrations are sold worldwide in supermarkets, drug stores and pharmacies. They are available in the form of sprays, gels, lotions, moist towelettes, sticks and creams. Products for horses and dogs are also on the market. The retail products are sold as “repellents” because, in contrast to insecticides, they don’t actually kill the attackers, but simply prevent them from biting or stinging. In addition, repellents result in the much slower development of resistance than insecticides. Saltidin-based formulations have a pleasant odor and do not damage plastics or textiles as badly as other products. Moreover, Saltidin is considered to be very skin-friendly and environmentally compatible. Products containing this active ingredient can be used without reservation for small children and expectant mothers, an aspect which is of particular importance given the rapid spread of the Zika virus since 2015, especially in Brazil.


In view of these many advantages, the use of Saltidin is recommended by health protection agencies around the world including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and Queensland Health in Australia. Germany’s respected Stiftung Warentest, a consumer testing company, also gave good ratings to insect repellents containing LANXESS’s active ingredient. The World Health Organization (WHO) even recommends Saltidin to prevent the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and West Nile fever.


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