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A sure thing

The LANXESS Material Protection Products business unit is dedicated to providing protection against microorganisms

Whether they’re for wood coatings, emulsion paints, other coatings or plasters, preservatives from Material Protection Products are used worldwide to shield a variety of materials from microbial attack. Since the end of August, the business unit’s portfolio has been expanded to include a number of new and highly efficient active ingredients and specialty chemicals primarily for disinfection and hygiene solutions. They make up the former Clean and Disinfect business of U.S. chemical company Chemours. One of the core products is the disinfectant Virkon® S, used in the growing veterinary disinfectants segment. Studies show that Virkon® S is effective against 65 strains from over 19 virus families, 400 bacteria strains and over 100 yeast strains, including leading diseases on the A-list of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), such as avian influenza (H5N1), swine influenza (H1N1), Newcastle disease, classical swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease.

Effective protection

International testing laboratories have found that Virkon® S is effective against strains of the highly contagious influenza virus in birds. This is true even under difficult conditions, such as high organic load, dilution by rainwater, low temperatures or exposure to other pathogens that can exist on farms. Virkon® S is effective even when diluted 1:100, and is recommended as a preventive and continuous biosafety measure.


Prompted by the occurrence of avian influenza H5N8, which is spreading across many European and Asian countries, European veterinary experts are advising poultry farmers to increase their biosafety programs so as to minimize the risk of infection of millions of European poultry by diseased, wild migratory birds. Even if poultry flocks are housed and believed to be safe, the virulent virus can still be introduced to farms by adhering to motor vehicles. Workers can then spread the virus further through contact with their clothing or shoes. Unlike many other disinfectants, Virkon® S remains effective even at low winter temperatures and in the presence of organic loads across the entire pH spectrum, without having to increase the concentration or contact time.


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