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Watch our new Additives Imagevideo!

Additives are the unsung stars of the chemical industry - But how exactly do these ingredients change the properties of products?

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What drives us

How tomorrow‘s chemistry will inspire Germany’s innovative strength.

Plastics in the New Mobility World: The image of the lonely chemist in the laboratory is long outdated. Chemistry is teamwork – young, agile and full of eager. With creativity and a good ear for customer wishes, the new generation of chemists is also driving the New Mobility turnaround.

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Effective protection against blood-suckers

Summer is here. The warm temperatures are not only a joy for sun-worshippers but also for mosquitoes, ticks and other blood-sucking insects. The LANXESS active ingredient Saltidin® (also known as Icaridin) provides reliable protection against tick bites, mosquito bites & Co.

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The LANXESS digital ecosystem at a glance

We want to be the digital leader in the chemical industry. That is why we are approaching the entire value chain in our DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION journey.

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The most beautiful view over Cologne

Enjoy the view from a height of 95 meters. Our TowerCam gives you a spectacular panoramic view over Cologne.

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How to make E-Cars drive

Everyone is talking about e-mobility. Regardless of which newspaper you open or online news you read, we are inundated with new developments and applications on an almost daily basis. However, things that sound impressively futuristic for laypersons are now possible because companies such as LANXESS have already developed suitable materials for these well in advance.

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Artificial intelligence in product development

LANXESS is set to break new ground when it comes to the development of customer-specific high-performance plastics. By deploying artificial intelligence (AI), the specialty chemicals company is looking to drastically cut the amount of time it takes to develop new materials. For this, LANXESS has entered into close collaboration with Citrine Informatics, a U.S.-based AI company specializing in data-driven materials development.

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Climate Change Simulation

LANXESS regards climate protection as a long-term challenge and pledges its support to numerous initiatives and projects for an environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

One such example is its sponsorship of the UN climate change conference simulation, where students sit around the negotiating table to discuss the Paris climate change agreement.

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Why plastic is a sustainable material

E-vehicles are advancing, slowly but surely. High-performance plastics provide the answer to the central challenges of sustainable mobility: They are economical, practical and meet high technical demands.

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Sustainable Development Goals

LANXESS is aware of its corporate responsibility: In order to achieve our goals, we have definded concrete topics that not only increase the value of the company for stakeholders, but also improve the quality of our present life and of future generations.

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New Mobility

LANXESS offers New Mobility solutions for the automotive and E&E industry. To get more insights visit our LinkedIn Show Case Page or landing page.
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